Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Eternal Fifth Wheel

*Sigh* I didn't go because I knew nobody would want to talk to me. I would just be someone to talk to. I'd only had moved from group to group, prying in, being awkward. I spent the whole day being a foole and a clown (though a useful little engine), and not one person said to me, "Hey, you're going to that thing afterward, aren't you?" So I decided to earn a golden star for church instead. And I kept my red, in spite of need pressing me to lose it. (How quickly I forget...)

Kitty Konspiracy

I think my cats are trying to kill me. (Cats aren't exactly known for their loyalty. If the foods good and they're treated well, they're pretty much anybody's.) Every time I've gone into my apartment today, my asthma has gone crazy. I'm pretty sure Bailey's behind it, with Pfeiffer as accomplice. I think they think they would be my beneficiaries if I were to croak, but don't realize that they couldn't legally inherit, or that my firm-provided life insurance wouldn't be enough to keep them in kitty kibble for all of their nine lives. I mean, it's not like either one has a CPA or a degree in probate law. (They are only cats, after all.) So, if I come to a suspiciousend, don't be tricked by their plaintive mews or crocodile tears.

Cuddly Critters, or Felonious Felines?!?


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